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VC perspective on startup ecosystems: Analyse industries' degree of digitization and find out where tech startups thrive

IDP: i-flow

Work on AWS for Industry 4.0

Brand and marketing strategy for smart packaging IoT solution

Support to create a basic prototype app

IDP: Tendex

Development of a recommender system on big data

IDP: Catena

Support to develop a blockchain solution called C_Chain

IDP: NoMaze

Help breeders automate and visualize their processes

IDP: CargoKite

Expand the functionality of the route planning tool

Exciting mobile development project in the area of delivery management / logistics / navigation. Get in touch to find out more

Company description Software Defined Automation creates completely new degrees of freedom beyond proprietary industrial automation systems for the automated configuration, operation, maintenance and continuous change of production plants to bring the vision of “Dark Factories” to life – a future in…