General Guidelines


3 – 6 months, 12 credits equivalent to 360 working hours (MCA students may also pursue projects for 6 credits)


  • A team (minimum 2 to maximum 5 students) works on the project.
  • The project study starts with planning the time frame of the project and scheduling the kick-off meeting with the research and practice partner. Additional meetings are scheduled on request. 
  • Depending on the nature of the project, students will be coached by the partner, the research assistant, or both.
  • The project work should be conducted onsite at the partner, or in exceptional cases from another location. This is to be negotiated with the research and practical partner. 
  • Division of labor and coordination between student team members should be done autonomously.
  • After termination of the project students will present their results to the research and practice partner.
  • The project ends with the submission of the written project report to both partners.


  • Student team members have to deliver the final report to the responsible research assistant.
  • Final grading is composed final presentation and the project report.

Final Project Report

  • The length and nature of the report depends on the topic and has to be determined at the kick-off meeting with the research and practical assistant.