New publication! Esther Salvi's integrative literature review on Informal Entrepreneurship published in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Esther Salvi, PhD Candidate at the Chair of Corporate Sustainabiility, published her first paper which is an integrative review on informal entrepreneurship in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. This publication is the result of an amazing journey with her co-authors Frank-Martin Belz and Sophie Bacq from Indiana University! Five reasons why this paper is relevant and adds to the research stream on Informal Entrepreneurship 

  1. Authors provide an overview of the informal entrepreneurship field through inductive analysis of 352 articles from diverse disciplines.
  2. Authors propose a novel and comprehensive typology of informal entrepreneurs around the globe going beyond all usual clichés.
  3. Authors find that informal entrepreneurship is a dynamic phenomenon consisting of three distinctive formalizing and informalizing pathways along which informal entrepreneurs move, acquiring or forgoing regulative legitimacy.
  4. Authors build a forward-looking research agenda highlighting interesting ways forward for research on informal entrepreneurship, involving more general entrepreneurship and management perspectives.
  5. It is open access.

Warmest congratulations to Esther!