Current Events

Guest speaker in TIM Intro class on June 13, 2022: Beat Weibel (Siemens AG)

Beat Weibel, Chief IP Counsel and Group Senior Vice President at Siemens AG, will join the Technoloogy and Innovation Management: Introduction (Bachelor) class on June 13, 2022, from 15:00 until 16:30 CET.  Guests are warmly welcome.

Beat Weibel graduated in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich and later received qualifying training as a European Patent Attorney. He worked 21 years at the Swiss technology company ABB in leadership positions with a focus on intellectual property. In 2013, Mr. Weibel joined Siemens, a globally leading patent owner and applicant, as Chief IP Counsel and Group Senior Vice President. Moreover, he is President of the VPP (Verband vertretungsberechtigter Patentingenieure) and FEMIPI, a European professional umbrella organization for IP professionals, agents, and IP owners in industry. Mr. Weibel frequently gives talks at universities on intellectual property and patents.