Advanced Seminar Innovation & Entrepreneurship (WIB01811): Current Issues in Technology Management (Limited places)

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration4 SWS
TermWintersemester 2021/22
Language of instructionEnglish
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After completion of this module, students are able to independently structure and write a scientific article and to critically evaluate theoretical findings. Students will have deepened their knowledge of the innovation management literature in general and in particular on their thesis topic. Students are able to present and discuss their scientific results.


This seminar prepares students for their Master thesis. You will choose a topic in one of the given topic areas or an adjacent topic area and develop a research question that you seek to answer in your seminar paper. You will write a seminar paper, present your work in class, and you will discuss a fellow student’s seminar paper. The goal of the seminar is to practice relevant skills for your Master thesis. These skills include, among others: framing a topic, identifying the relevant conversation in the literature, critically reviewing the literature, practicing empirical methods of research through case studies or interviews, reflecting on your own work. You will practice scientific writing, presenting, and discussing. Students will deepen their knowledge of innovation management in general and attain specialist knowledge on their selected topic. This winter term’s topics are in two fields: (1) explainability of artificial intelligence (AI) and (2) low power wide area (LPWA) technologies as enablers for the internet of things (IoT).


Basic knowledge in technology and innovation management, e.g. through courses such as - Technology and Innovation Management: Introduction - Advanced Technology and Innovation Management

Teaching and learning methods

The module consists of a seminar. During the seminar, the students learn fundamental skills to approach and structure a scientific paper, both through a lecture by the supervisor and continuous coaching for the term of the seminar. Students obtain knowledge on the structure of a scientific paper and train crucial skills in preparation for their Master thesis. During the seminar, students work independently, using scientific literature in their respective topic in the field of innovation management. Students present their work and give feedback to their colleagues.


The grade consists of a term paper, the presentation of the term paper, and the discussion of another term paper. The grade results from: term paper (60%), presentation (30%), discussion (10%). The presentation and the discussion of another term paper take a total of 30 minutes. The grading mirrors the two main pillars of the learning outcomes of the module: the presentation of scientifically conducted research on a topic in innovation management in written and oral form.

Recommended literature

Please refer to the topic and literature suggestions provided on our homepage