Uncover your Entrepreneurial Mindset and Identity

In our current reasearch project we explore the depths of the Entrepreneurial Mindset and Identity of early stage Start-Up founders and NextGens. Using a novel and contemporary digital diary tool, we aim to uncover individual challenges, opportunities and ideas in the daily lives of Founders and NextGens.

Are you a Start-Up Founder or NextGen? Then take part in our programme, receive access to our specifically developed digital journal, get in touch with fellow entrepreneurs and benefit from the exchange with the research team.   

Find all information on the programme in our Infoflyer:


You are a Founder or NextGen?

Register for our programme here: https://tinyurl.com/3dwp2ush

The workshops take place on 13.07.2023 in Berlin and on 18.07.2023 in Munich *

There will also be an online option on 24.07.2023.

Programme language: German

* no time for the workshop, but still interested? Just mention it in your registration!