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Challenge-based learning: Innovative engineering training throughout Europe

TUM has joined forces with five other leading technical universities in Europe to support innovative engineering training throughout Europe. In order to promote this European spirit, a new EuroTeQ format, the EuroTeQ Collider, was launched. Learn more about the EuroTeQ project.

What is the EuroTeQ Collider?

The EuroTeQ Collider is a challenge-based learning format and was created by the EuroTeQ universities. The Technical University of Munich (TUM) joined forces with six leading universities (Paris, Eindhoven, Tallinn, Prague, Copenhagen, Munich) of science and technology to foster the European spirit in a EuroTeQ format, the EuroTeQ Collider. The goal is to promote an innovative engineering education across Europe. ’Collider’ is the chosen term to emphasize a core value that the most creative and innovative solutions often emerge from the collision of ideas from a diverse group.

Topic 2024: Enhance Connections for Sustainable Futures

The world in which we live is networked and interdependent, and so are we. Enhance connections for sustainable futures is a topic that should help us understand and appreciate the value of our connections with ourselves, others and the environment. It also inspires us to use these connections as a source of strength, creativity and collaboration in solving global problems that affect us all.

The categories for the challenges are:

  • People - Building stronger communities by promoting meaningful connections.
  • Nature - Development of attentive relationships with nature and careful use of our environmental resources.
  • Technology - Creating effective connections through technology, both digitally and physically.

Take part by Applying! 

Students (B.Sc., M.Sc., State Examination, Ph.D) can register until the 31st. March.

Registration in 3 steps:

Step 1: Register for the course "EuroTeQ collider. Enhancing Connections for Sustainable Futures" via TUMonline.

Step 2: Make and submit via Wiki Form Selection of the favorite challenges (Top 1-5):

Step 3: Checking the registration via TUMonline and WIKI by TUM. Then assignment of a FIXPLATZ and activation to the MOODLE environment!

Schedule 2024

  • FR 12.04. | 18.00-20.00 | Kick-Off: Opening. Team building & -forming
  • SA 13.04. | 12.00-18.00 | Get started: Workshops Project management
  • WEd 17.04. | 18.00-20.00 | Loop I: Project structure & more
  • WEd. 24.04. | 18.00-20.00 | Loop II: Project concept & design
  • FR 03.05. | 17.00-20.00 | Final Sprint I
  • SA 04.05. | 12.00-18.00 | Final Sprint II
  • WEd 08.05. | 18.00-22.00 | Loop III: Project consolidation & next steps
  • DO 16.05. | 18.30-22.00 | Rehearsal
  • FR 17.05. | 14.00-18.00 | Finish with Jury & Closing Ceremony