Nele Terveen newly selected as a Fellow at the Think Tank 30 Germany | Club of Rome

Nele's focus is on the interfaces between theory and practice of sustainable startups

Nele Marie Terveen, Doctoral Candidate at the Chair of Corporate Sustainablility, has recently joined the Think Tank 30 Germany | Club of Rome as a full member. The Think Tank 30 Germany is dedicated to current social issues through a variety of campaigns and four working groups. The members contribute to relevant debates with critical impulses and formulate recommendations for a long-term policy; The focus is on the discussion about responsibility for the future, sustainability and democracy. Nele will be participating and contributing to discussions that will shape future policies on sustainability and social issues. 

"We have about 30,000 days to live - I am motivated every day in science and practice to make my greatest possible contribution to a world that is more suitable for grandchildren, in which companies solve social and ecological problems through their business models" said Nele after joining the Think Tank. 

As part of a research project of the German Federal Foundation for the Environment, Nele is also working on the development and establishment of a coaching tool for sustainable startups and accelerator programs. At the Chair, Nele conducts research on the topics of start-up intentions and behavior. In addition to teaching and research, she is the program manager of the International Summer School on Sustainable Entrepreneurship.