Frank Belz gave a Keynote speech sharing his experience in Uganda at CTDM Inspire & Dine event

CDTM Inspire&Dine Speaker Series hosted series of talks on scaling sustainability in which Prof. Dr. Belz gave a keynote speech on his experience in Uganda around energy and water access.

As part of its activities, the Center for Digital Technology & Management (CDTM) hosted the Inspire&Dine Speaker Series on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. In this event, speakers shared share with you their experiences on how to make sustainability more scalable and business compatible.

Prof. Dr. Belz took part in the event and sized the occasion to share his experience in Uganda on sustainability issues such as drinking water access and energy. In his speech, he emphasized on the importance of scaling sustainable energy access to provide electricity to remote rural areas in the Global South.

Prof. Belz' research trip to Uganda was part of the TUM SEED Center activities and was culminated by the Living Lab Visit in Kyampisi: the energy village of the TUM SEED Center in Uganda, built in collaboration with Makerere University to ensure access to electricity to the rural community. 

Prof. Belz sized the occasion to talk about the crowdfunding compaign LET LIFE FLOW, launched by TUM SEED Center to raise funds that will be used to ensure clean energy access to the community of the living lab in Kymapisi.