Advanced Technology and Innovation Management (WI000026)

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration4 SWS
TermWintersemester 2021/22
Language of instructionEnglish
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  • 18.10.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 19.10.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 25.10.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 26.10.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 02.11.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 08.11.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 09.11.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 15.11.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 16.11.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 22.11.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 23.11.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 29.11.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 06.12.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 07.12.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 13.12.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 14.12.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 20.12.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 21.12.2021 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 10.01.2022 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 11.01.2022 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 17.01.2022 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 18.01.2022 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 24.01.2022 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 25.01.2022 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 31.01.2022 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 01.02.2022 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 07.02.2022 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.
  • 08.02.2022 11:30-13:00 Online: Videokonferenz / Zoom etc.

Admission information

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Note: Please register for the course via TUMonline. This will give you access to the course on Moodle. Student presentations: There will be compulsory group work during the lecture term. The topics and groups are determined in the lecture. Registration for the presentation starts after the first lecture and remains open until the end of October. More information on the student presentations will be provided during the first lecture.


At the end of the module, students will be able to analyze the innovation process within the firm. Students will be able to decide where R&D cooperation is necessary and how corporate culture and incentive systems can motivate employees to be innovative. Students are able to understand and apply theoretical concepts to real-life examples.


For any questions regarding the course reach out to -- Advanced Technology and Innovation Management addresses aspects and topics concerning the organization of the innovation process, such as organizing and managing innovation, open and distributed innovation, and innovation strategy. The module consists of five blocks with the topics: (1) Innovation and Markets, (2) Open Innovation, (3) Organizing for Innovation, (4) Managing Innovation, (5) Profiting from Innovation and Innovation Strategy. The individual lectures cover topics such as: Determinants of Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Corporate Venture Capital, Design Thinking, Innovation Culture, and IP Protection.


Technology and Innovation Management: Introduction or equivalent introductory lecture on innovation management

Teaching and learning methods

Presentation by lecturer, student presentations with discussion. During the course of the module, students work in-depth with the relevant literature and apply the concepts discussed in class in their presentations.


The grade results from a two-hour closed book exam and a 15 minute student presentation.The exam accounts for 80% and the student presentation for 20% of the final grade. During the exam students will demonstrate their in-depth understanding of theoretical concepts and core literature within innovation management. The student presentation allow students to show their understanding of the theoretical concepts that were discussed in class by applying them to real-life examples. Note: in the summer term the exam accounts for 100% - unless the student took the class in the winter term and the summer exam is a resit.

Recommended literature

The relevant course literature is made available for students during the course of the lecture.