Our Chair featured on South German Newspaper

Credits: Kats David / Makerere University

In a recent article published by Süddeutsche Zeitung, i.e. South German Newspaper, the Chair of Corporate Sustainability work and research on sustainable energies was featured. In short, the paper covers key elements of focus that TUM is currently undertaking for sustainablity. 

"We always talk about the energy transition, but millions of people in the global south have no access to electricity at all," says Frank-Martin Belz, professor of entrepreneurial sustainability at the TUM School of Management. No electricity means: no light to read, no access to information, no cooling for food, no machine to make canned food from crops. Harvests spoil, poverty grows.

The TUM Seed Center, which Belz manages and which is funded by the DAAD with funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, brings solar technology to selected villages and guides their residents to become managers of their own development. So it's also about education, entrepreneurship - and future prospects in your own country. Partner universities in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Bombay, Indonesia and some other countries are involved. The car company Audi finances the expansion of solar energy as well as e-bikes with which people can drive to the market and awards three doctoral scholarships. At TUM itself, there are currently several doctoral students from the global South who are researching concepts for these living labs.

More details on this link.