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IDP: Funclass

Support Funclass on its exciting gamification features as a full-stack software engineering intern

IDPs: SE3 Labs

Build an intuitive frontend to unlock the magic of our 3D platform, or build the 3D Computer Vision algorithms delivering that magic

Strategic, R&D, and Intellectual Property indicators to determine innovativeness

Course Start: Winter 2023/2024

Support small to medium sized sellers on Amazon to onboard and expand their product offerings

The TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (Group of Entrepreneurial Behavior, Professor Nicola Breugst) is looking for a PhD candidate (Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in, m/w/d), starting in early 2024.

Entwicklung eines systemübergreifenden Buchungstools für Coworking Spaces in der Metropolregion München

IDP: Skytren

Support Skytren to further develop a software prototype for locating vehicles and managing telematics hardware

Support Rocket Tutor as a software engineering intern

IDP: Droov

Support Droov as a Software Engineering Intern