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General information about our courses

Each and every semester we will offer at least two Advanced Seminars in Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Master Students.

In addition to that we also offer the following lectures:

Winter Terms

  • Entrepreneurial Idea Development (for Bachelor students MSE only) _ WI100809
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship (BSc) _ WI000801 and Part of module WI001058 (Foundations of Entrepreneurial and Ethical Business)
  • Entrepreneurship (Master in Management) _ WI000984 and part of module WI001185 (Entrepreneurial, Strategic, and International Management) as well as module WI900005 (Global Entrepreneurship)

Summer Terms

  • Entrepreneurial Idea Development (for Bachelor students MSE only) _ WI100809


We provide the lecture on Introduction on Entrepreneurship (WI000801) only as a part of the  module on Foundations to Entrepreneurial and Ethical Business,WI001058/WI101058. There is NO single exam on Introduction to Entrepreneurship!

Lectures & Seminars Winter 2022/2023

In winter 2022/2023, TUM ERI will offer following lectures and seminars. While the main target group is indicated, some courses are also availabe for other program participants. Please see TUMonline for details.

Changes are possible.


Information on course formats (online or / and in-person / hybrid) and registration procedure is availabe in TUMonline soon.

We ask you the check regularly the requirements for the course you are particpating regarding the pandemic situation.


  • WI000969: Entrepreneurship for Students of Information Systems: Entrepreneurship in a Digital Age
  • WI000984, WI900005, WI001185: Entrepreneurship
  • Part I of module "WI001058, WI101058: Foundations of Entrepreneurial and Ethical Business": Introduction to Entrepreneurship (LV: 0000005021)
  • WI001158: Entwicklung unternehmerischer Geschäftsideen (M.Sc. Sport and Exercise Science only)
  • WI100809: Entrepreneurial Idea Development (for BSc MSE only)

M.Sc. Seminars

  • MGT001308: Young Entrepreneurs in Science
  • MGT001325: Identifying Research Question in Entrepreneurial Management: New Technologies and Nascent Markets
  • MGT001341: Prototyping Entrepreneurial Ideas in New Technologies: Blockchain
  • MGT001346: Impact School - Application Page
  • MGT001349: How Digital Platforms Compete - Building and Sustaining Competetive Advantages
  • MGT001355: Environmental Entrepreneurship
  • MGT001351: Yes we can! - Empowerment as composition
  • WI001166: Entrepreneurial Prototyping
  • WIB25001_2: Entrepreneurial Role Models 
  • WIB26001: Social Entrepreneurship Lab
  • WIB26995: Innovation and Organization Design
  • WIB271011: Venture Growth and Internationalization (Startup stakeholder management and resource acquisition)
  • WIB271013: Entrepreneurship through a gender lens

Other Courses

Project Studies

The goal of project studies is to gain project management experience by working on a specific topic related to a research-oriented or practice-oriented project. Depending on the research or practice orientation, requirements for written projects report differ in breadth and content. 

» List of available project studies 
» General guidelines
» Application form


Students working on their final thesis for gradutation should show and improve their ability to work on a recent, scientific or practice-oriented, research topic. 

» Currently available topics
» Guidelines for theses, papers, and reports

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