Letter of Recommendation

Students needing a letter of recommendation from the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (i.e. for DAAD, scholarships, other universities, etc.) should note the following requirements:

  1. A letter of recommendation can be issued only for students who have passed at least one of the courses offered by our research institute with the grade 1.7 or better.
  2. Moreover, students' overall performance is the essential factor in deciding whether a letter of recommendation will be issued. Thus, an average grade of 2.0 or better is requested
  3. Students who request a letter of recommendation need to fill in this form: Letter of recommendation request. We will only issue a letter of recommendation for students who provide all information and attachments listed on the form. Requests containing incomplete information will not be processed.
  4. Students will be informed in case the research institute is not able to provide a letter of recommendation.

We ask you to send all documents in one PDF file to Nicole Beaven via email.

Please note that the issuance of a letter of recommendation takes 4 weeks. We are not able to process requests with a processing period of less than 4 weeks or containing incomplete information.

Letters of recommendation for other institutions will be directly sent to the respective institution.