ERI Brownbag seminar


The TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (TUM ERI) brownbag seminar usually takes place on the first Thursday of every month. In the seminar our entrepreneurship scholars present research-related themes and current research work. We cover a broad range of topics in entrepreneurship, from cognitive processes of opportunity recognition, to strategic topics surrounding opportunity exploitation, and their respective consequences for personal, team, new venture outcomes. In that regard, the studies presented in the seminar can be equally conducted on individual, team, and organizational levels. We distinguish four types of presentations, as detailed below. Papers (full paper, early paper or project pitch) will be presented every even month while the themed brownbag seminars (4) will take place every odd month.

More specifically, the formats are as follows:

  1. full paper presentations including comments from the audience (60min; full paper)
  2. early paper presentations including comments from the audience (45-60min; paper with 5-7 pages similar to an SMS submission)
  3. project pitch including comments from the audience (30-60min; paper with 2 pages similar to a BCERC submission)
  4. themed brownbag including guided group discussion (30-60min) The goal is to share best practices in academic work (for example, our first themed brownbag was on the reviewing process).

If you are interested in attending or presenting, please get in touch with Niklas Hagenow ( Please feel free to share the information about this brownbag series with colleagues you think may be interested. Our brownbag seminars take place at 13:00-14:00 in room 2001 at the TUM ERI premises in Garching (unless otherwise stated) and on following dates:

Date Presenter / Organizer Topic
Dec 01 2022 reserved tbd
Nov 03 2022
Oct 27 2022 Kevin Berghoff (TUM ERI) How and when might former unethical, pro-organizational behavior of a co-founder enhance expected performance in entrepreneurial teams?
Sep 08 2022

(1) Andreas Leubner (TUM ERI)
(2) Dominik Reuter (TUM ERI)

(1) Corporate Accelerators and Institutional Complexity
(2) Not My First Rodeo? The Contingent Impacts of Platform Engagement on Entrepreneurs’ Emotional Responses to Crowdfunding Campaign Failure
Aug 04 2022 - -
Jul 07 2022 Yasmina Trautmann (TUM ERI) Let’s grow together: Exploring the nexus of founder familiarity and venture scaling
Jun 09 2022 (1) Julia Kirsch (TUM ERI)
(2) Nele Terveen & Mohammed Bendaanane (TUM Chair of Corporate Sustainability)

(1) Entrepreneurial Team Learning
(2) Entrepreneurial Intention and Sustainability Orientation - A Call toward Action

May 05 2022 -


Apr 07 2022
Silja Hartmann (Freie Universität Berlin),
Kyle Brykman (University of Windsor)
Entrepreneurial Team Resilience
Mar 03 2022 Sofia Abid (TUM ERI) Networking to scale under uncertainty: social embeddedness and its effects on networking actions of female founders
Feb 10 2022 Carmen Baur (TUM ERI) Should We Take Route A or Route B? How Founding Teams Navigate Contradictory Feedback
Jan 06 2022 canceled due to holidays