Credit Transfer and Recognition of Courses

Academic Recognition of Courses

Certain courses that you attend while studying abroad can be credited to your degree. Please check here which courses can be recognized Anrechnungsdatenbank).

Informaition on the process and learning agreement/recognition forms for your courses are available for download in the Download Center (see "Recognition" or "Credit Transfer")

For more information please contact Ms. Ute Helfers.

Recognition of "International Experience" for B.Sc. Management and Technology Students

"International Experience" is an obligatory component for all students of the Bachelor's program Management and Technology. Students may earn 3 ECTS for stays abroad (and other intercultural experiences) within the module "International Experience & Communication Skills". Apart from the international experience itself, all students are required to write a report.

For further information please check the General Information.

For further information please contact Ms. Manuela Sato.

Recognition of Elective Courses in Management and Economics within the Master's Programs in Management & Technology (Track 1 & 2)

If you are a student on the Master's Program in Management & Technology (Track 1(TUM-BWL)) or the Master's Program in Management & Technology (Track 2 (TUM-WITEC)), you can use your courses abroad as your elective courses in Management and Economics (up to 12 ECTS for TUM-BWL and up to 18 ECTS for TUM-WITEC). All necessary information and conditions are summarized here.

The learning agreement/recognition form for your courses is available for download the Download Center (see "International" or "Credit Transfer").

For further information please contact Ms. Ute Helfers.

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