The Entrepreneurship Research Institute is dedicated to the facilitation of new venture creation in research, teaching and practice. Our students and academics are talented individuals who take part in cutting-edge research and frequently take on an entrepreneurial mind-set to tackle the challenges of our time. As proven by more than 700 spin-offs which have emerged out of TUM since 1990, the faculties and teaching programs at TUM are an excellent breeding ground for entrepreneurship. In order to support TUM students and academics who believe to have recognized a business opportunity out of an academic context, the TUM Start-Up Incubator offers them office space, access to a large network of coaches, advisors and mentors, as well as access to government funding programs.

Since 2012 alone, 150 new ventures have emerged out of TUM. Watch out for the teams at the TUM Incubator who are aspiring to add to the list of success stories! The TUM Incubator enables them to lapse from an academic into an entrepreneurial context, and has hosted several dozen start-up teams since it was launched in May 2015.