Final Theses

1. Requirements to be met

Writing Diploma or Bachelor/Masters Theses at my Chair is possible. For obvious reasons, topics need to cover law related issues, particularly from the areas of Corporate and IP Law including tax and labor law. Experience shows that future employers appreciate theses in law and consider them qualifications for positions in General Management. We also offer and accept topics with partners from practice as well as empirical topics. Depending on your topic, your thesis will be supervised by the Chair’s research assistant with the deepest knowledge in the topic’s area of law. In order to be accepted, you will need results in WPR1 and WPR2 or “Grundlagen des Rechts” that are above average.

2. Contact

If you want to apply for a thesis, please send an email to the Chair’s research associate whom you prefer as your tutor. You can find the research focuses of the staff here. Upon review of your complete (!) application we will contact you within one week.

3. Materials to be submitted

  • short personal statement demonstrating your interest in a specific topic
  • current transcript of records (grades)
  • short CV

4. Topics

Please feel free to suggest a self-chosen topic relating to the lecture.

5. Formalities

You can find a factsheet on formal requirements and tips on legal working techniques here.