Frequently, students ask for letters of recommendation that they need to supply for study abroad programs, scholarships etc. If you need a letter of recommendation please make sure that you carefully observe the instructions given below:

1) All correspondence regarding the letters of recommendation needs to be conducted by email. Supporting documentation (transcript, CV, other supporting documents and your draft) needs to be submitted as pdf-files together with the request. Requests lacking proper supporting documentation cannot be processed.

2) Your complete request must be submitted to the Chair at least (!) three weeks before the deadline to We cannot and will not process late requests in view of the large number of bad experiences.

3) The required grade transcript and grade ranking must be up-to-date, and the CV must be informative. For TUM students, the grade ranking is available at the examination office. A current photo is useful, although not mandatory. It is easier to include our own impressions in the report if we can assign a face from the course to your name.

4) The requirement of a concrete formulation proposal has two functions in the case of English language recommendations: First, it allows you to casually clarify your language skills. Second, you avoid that a relevant detail does not appear in the recommendation. Of course, everything must be supported by documentary evidence.


Please note: All letters of recommendations will be mailed solely and directly to the addressee for whom they are meant. Under no circumstances will you be given access to our recommendation!