Current Lecturers

Dr. Peter Laier

Knorr-Bremse AG Member of the Executive Board with worldwide responsibility for the Commercial Vehicle Systems division

Lecturer since summer term 2019

Dr. Florian Bauer

Vocatus AG Founder and CEO

Lecturer since summer term 2014

Dr. Christian Hackl

TUM-Tech GmbH  Chief Executive

Lecturer since winter term 2009/10 

Former Lecturers

Dr. Daniel Witthaut

Evonik Industries AG Head of Corporate Innovation Strategy

Lecturer since winter term 2017


Mark Gazecki

MegaZebra GmbH / GameGenetics GmbH  Founder and Chairman 

Lecturer between winter term 2010/11 and 2012/13

Dr. Carl Pawlowski

ID Consult GbR  Chief Executive
Lecturer in summer term 2011

Dr. Stefan Tuschl

TNS Infratest Forschung GmbH Director (Models and Methods)

Lecturer between summer term 2006 and 2008