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VBSI Guest Speakers in WT 2022/23

In this year´s VBSI course, we are proud to present the following guest speakers: Daniel Föller, Ming Huang, Kay Kasper, and Dr. Horst Kayser

Daniel Föller (19 December, 2022), Schaeffler Group
Ming Huang (10 January 2023), TUM SOM Executive Education
Kay N. Kasper (16 January 2023), Hoyng ROHK Monegier
Dr. Horst Kayser (31 January 2023), Siemens AG

We were able to invite the following guest speakers to our VBSI course, which will share with us their experience and practical insights:

19.12.22: Daniel Föller (Program Lead Sales Excellence, Schaeffler AG): Procurement auctions

10.1.23: Ming Huang (Negotiation consultant, Representative in China of TUM SOM Executive Education): Negotiations with Chinese Partners

16.1.23: Kay Kasper (Attorney, licensing expert, Certified Global Negotiator; Hoyng ROKH Monegier): Licensing negotiations

30.1.23: Dr. Horst Kayser (Siemens, Chairman Portfolio Companies): Creating and capturing value in M&A and HR situations at Siemens