Lecture: Foundations of Entrepreneurial Business

General Information


Lecture: Foundations of Entrepreneurial Business

Number MGT001372
Type Lecture
Offered in Winter semester
Lecturer Holger Patzelt; Carmen Baur; Christian Alex


Course Description


The module introduces students into basic principles of the topic of entrepreneurship from a global and international perspective. Students will be equiped with basic knowledge on:

  • definitions, regional aspects, and special forms of entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurial individuals, including their personality, creativity, idea development, cognition, opportunity recognition, decision making, affect, and moving forward from failure
  • entrepreneurial firms, including their growth strategies, strategic alliances, and resources.

Beyond that, students can engage in break-out group work to personally experience the process of opportunity recognition and development while applying concepts from academic literature to real-world entrepreneurial problems.



Students will know and be able to explain basic concepts of entrepreneurship including basic definitions, psychological processes and characteristics of the person of the entrepreneur, and potential development paths of young firms. Further, students will transfer this basic knowledge to real world cases. Thus, students will be able to solve entrepreneurial problems in real world settings drawing on theoretical frameworks of the entrepreneurial process.


Teaching and Learning Method

The module will combine several learning methods.

  • The basic knowledge as well as real world examples will be provided through the lecture.
  • Discussions in the lecture and active participation are encouraged and will contribute to deepen the understanding of the concepts introduced.
  • Work in smaller groups enables the students to apply (part of) their theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. This format additionally fosters creativity and team work.
  • Students will get additional background knowledge from the scientific literature in private reading.



Fluency in English