Seminar: Prototyping Entrepreneurial Ideas in New Technologies: Blockchain

General Information

Title Prototyping Entrepreneurial Ideas in New Technologies: Blockchain
Number MGT001341S
Type Seminar
Offered in Winter semester
Lecturer Shippar Nagaraja Shetty, Ding Zhao


Course Description


This module provides a practice-oriented journey in prototyping entrepreneurial ideas in new technologies: understanding technological features, identifying customer problems, developing a solution using the technology, building a business plan and prototype. The students will:

  • read short articles that provide background knowledge of the new technologies
  • learn and use tools such as Market Opportunity Navigator, Business Model Canvas, Customer Value Canvas and Scientific Approach to Experimentation to systematically formulate and evaluate entrepreneurial ideas using new technologies
  • form a team, develop a business plan and a prototype of SaaS (software as a solution) product, present a picth deck at the end which is investor ready

The module consists of lectures, class discussions, groupwork, group project and individual feedback sessions where students share their progress and receive feedback. The students are supervised by the instructors in different stages of the class.



After completing this module, students should be able to:

  • understand the connection between technological features, entrepreneurial opportunities and business ventures in new technologies
  • identify and evaluate entrepreneurial ideas in new technologies
  • apply concepts and tools to discover customer problems and formulate a solution-based approach using new technologies
  • demonstrate a set of skills including, but not limited to analytical skills, critical thinking, planning, building, and presenting a pitch deck
  • develop abilities to work in an entreprenurial team: communication, coordination, continuous improvement, goal management, rapid prototyping


Teaching and Learning Method

Action-oriented learning, interactive teaching, group project, group discussions



Fluency in English