Corporate Entrepreneurship

In today’s dynamic and global environments, being innovative and acting entrepreneurially is a key to success not only for small and new firms, but also for large organizations that look back on a long corporate history. Yet, staying entrepreneurial over the life time of an organization is challenging and many large and mature firms fail to keep pace with innovation and new product development. Therefore, an important research stream investigates what existing firms can do to maintain their entrepreneurial spirit over time.

One goal of our research is therefore to understand how organizational environments impact the decision making and behavior of employees and managers, and we have published theoretical and empirical articles addressing this issue. For example, a recently published theoretical paper (Shepherd, Patzelt & Haynie, 2010) proposed the existence of “entrepreneurial spirals” – deviation amplifying loops of an entrepreneurial mindset and an entrepreneurial organizational culture. Further, our research has analyzed how organizational incentive systems motivate corporate employees to act entrepreneurially (Monsen et al., 2010), and how organizations can learn from their failure experiences (Shepherd, Patzelt & Wolfe, 2011). We have also explored the impact of failures on employees' negative emotions (Shepherd, Haynie & Patzelt, 2013; Shepherd, Patzelt, Williams & Warnecke, 2014). Finally, our work has recently developed a multi-level model of corporate entrepreneurship managers' project termination decisions (Behrens & Patzelt, forthcoming).


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